We Can Guide You Through Personal Injury Claims

Suffering a personal injury or the loss of a loved one can be one of the most challenging situations you will ever face. To get through it, you will need an experienced, compassionate attorney to protect your right to compensation for lost income, property damage, medical bills, and pain and suffering.

At Baker Schulze & Murphy in Little Rock, our attorneys each have more than three decades of experience representing injury victims and their families. Clients count on our knowledge, tenacity and care as they are going through this difficult time. Find out how we can help you by calling us for a free consultation about your car accident, truck accident, Social Security Disability claim or medical negligence claim.

Getting Started Early Is Key

No matter how you were injured, do not be misled by talk about the statute of limitations. Your concern should not be merely whether the statute of limitations has run out. Instead, you need to begin your investigation as early as possible while the records are still available. For example, tractor-trailer companies are permitted to discard records in the ordinary course of business long before the statute of limitations on your tractor-trailer accident claim may end.

Medical negligence claims also have statutes of limitation, so it is best to get started immediately. It is not enough to show that you had a bad result from medical treatment. You must be able to prove that the physician fell below the standard of care for physicians in their locality or a similar locality and that their failure was the cause of your injury. This must be proven by expert medical testimony in most cases. Again, the earlier you can get in touch with a lawyer, the better your chances will be.

Rely On Our Experience Throughout The Process

At Baker Schulze & Murphy, we have the experience you seek in representing victims of personal injury in Arkansas. If you have a question or are ready to get started, call 501-588-3399 and talk to Chip Baker, Gerry Schulze or Ruthanne Murphy about your situation. You can also fill out a short online form to schedule a free consultation.